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Surrey's Climate Action Tracker

The Climate Action Tracker shows what the City is doing to address the climate crisis and put the Climate Change Action Strategy (CCAS) into action. The CCAS is Surrey’s roadmap to becoming a zero-carbon climate-resilient city by 2050.

Surrey's carbon pollution

On the year 2017 Total community greenhouse gas emissions was 2.5e+6 tCO₂e/year. Latest observed value in 2020 was 2.4e+6 tCO₂e/year. The goal for the year 2030 is 1.164e+6 tCO₂e/year. Since 2017 reduction is 100000.0 tCO₂e/year. 1236000 tCO₂e/year still needs to be reduced before the year 2030.2,500,000 tCO₂e/year2,400,000 tCO₂e/yearLeft to reduce1,236,000 tCO₂e/year1,164,000 tCO₂e/yearGoal201720202030
Total community greenhouse gas emissions