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5.1. Protect, connect, and restore ecosystems

Adaptation potential

Mitigation potential





The goal to protect, connect, and restore ecosystems is critical for adaptation to climate impacts. Incorporating nature-based solutions alongside actions that reduce emissions supports the guiding principle of zero-carbon resilience. For example, this could include incorporating green infrastructure in road standards along with protected walking and cycling facilities. Shifts under this goal aim to bolster existing policies and programs for ecological management, assess and evaluate existing conditions and risks, and create and implement plans for improving ecosystem health.

  • Large geographic area with variety of ecosystems such as forests and streams
  • Policies such as Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, Urban Forest Management Strategy
  • Pilot projects exploring nature-based solutions, natural assets inventory

  • Green infrastructure (natural assets and naturebased solutions) improves resilience
  • Healthy ecosystems help clean the air and water, support mental health and wellbeing
  • Protecting natural assets reduces costs of upgrading engineered infrastructure