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2.1. Plan and build a network of 15-minute neighbourhoods

Adaptation potential

Mitigation potential





The goal to plan and build 15-minute neighbourhoods embodies the guiding principles of zero-carbon resilience and maximizing co-benefits. It represents a holistic approach to reducing emissions that also has the potential to improve equity, health, resilience, and economic prosperity. This goal is supported by shifts focused on updating policies and regulations for new growth to align with the vision of resilient 15-minute neighbourhoods, including through intensification and infill development and other actions that will help reduce vehicle reliance.

  • Urban structure of five town centres with higher density, mixed use, and transit
  • Planning for complete communities around SkyTrain stations, including the new Surrey-Langley line
  • An Official Community Plan that is undergoing a detailed review and update

  • Avoiding greenfield development improves adaptation and resilience
  • Walkable 15-minute neighbourhoods improve happiness and health
  • 15-minute neighbourhoods can improve economic activity and support local businesses