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2.2. Improve climate resilience of new and existing neighbourhoods

Adaptation potential

Mitigation potential





The goal to improve the resilience of new and existing neighbourhoods also addresses the guiding principle of zero-carbon resilience by planning for resilient, green features including green infrastructure (such as rain gardens, natural assets, and shade trees) that help lessen climate impacts. These features can also help reduce emissions by sequestering carbon, and by creating more comfortable public spaces that support increased walking and cycling.

  • Rapid growth creates opportunities to design and build climate-resilient neighbourhoods
  • Green Infrastructure Network provides backbone to build off to protect more ecological features
  • Existing practices and policies for climate adaptation, such as Coastal Flood Adaptation Strategy

  • Enables greenhouse gas emissions reduction from buildings and transportation
  • More greenspace and access to nature improves health and resilience
  • Proactive planning for adaptation and resilience saves on infrastructure costs
  • Potential for economic development and improved equity