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6.2. Transition to zero-carbon, resilient energy systems

Adaptation potential

Mitigation potential





The goal to transition to zero-carbon, resilient energy systems outlines several general shifts addressing the overall energy system. British Columbia’s clean electrical grid will be the primary energy source across the community, while the City’s district energy system continues to play a role in heating buildings in the City Centre neighbourhood. Locally produced biofuel can fill niche roles for sectors such as heavy-duty vehicles.

  • BC’s electrical grid is 98% renewable
  • Surrey has a leading district energy system in process of transitioning to zero-emissions energy
  • Rapid acceleration of and investment in renewable energy technologies is occurring globally

  • Electrification is the primary pathway to drive down global and local greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Renewable district energy will significantly cut GHGs from buildings in City Centre
  • Decentralized energy systems can improve resilience to energy grid disruptions
  • The zero-carbon transition creates clean energy job growth opportunities